Deputy Brandon Moore

(Morrow County Sheriff's Office, Ohio)

On October 21, 2010, Sergeant Rob Chalfant and Detective Brandon Moore responded to a property dispute call. The dispute was between two neighbors, Mr. Roush and Mr. Levering. Once the dispute was resolved and Mr. Roush left the area, the officers were informed that Mr. Roush was suspected of growing marijuana on his property.  Sergeant Chalfant left the scene to go back into service while Detective Moore remained to investigate the reported marijuana.

Detective Moore viewed what appeared to be marijuana on the Roush property.  He contacted Sergeant Chalfant of his findings and advised that he was going to attempt to get some photographs of the marijuana. The Leverings stayed about 125 yards away while Detective Moore drove a 4-wheel drive vehicle through Levering’s field, along a privacy fence surrounding the Roush property.  Unknown to Detective Moore, Mr. Roush had gone to his house and put on a ballistic vest, gun belt, and handgun while his wife retrieved a 5.56 caliber assault rifle.

Mr. Roush entered the Levering property and began firing at Detective Moore and the Leverings.  Detective Moore was struck five times and went to the ground but was able to return fire with his service weapon.  Despite being severely injured and at a distance of approximately 50 yards, Detective Moore was able to shoot Mr. Roush and disable him. Mrs. Levering was then able to go to Detective Moore’s side to administer first aid.  The Leverings were not injured in the exchange of gunfire.  Sergeant Chalfant and additional officers responded to the scene and took the assailant along with Mrs. Roush, who had briefly obtained the assault rifle, into custody.

Media Release

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