Officer Vern Jefferson

(Marshalltown Police Department, Iowa)

Officer Vern Jefferson

On November 2, 2012, Officer Vern Jefferson was working uniformed patrol and was dispatched to the Lennox Employees Credit Union for a reported armed robbery in progress. While in route, information was broadcast that the two armed suspects had fled the bank on foot.

Based upon the direction of travel provided, Officer Jefferson drove to the area where he suspected the suspects might flee. He was able to successfully anticipate their actions and get ahead of them.

Upon spotting the suspects, Officer Jefferson exited his patrol vehicle and confronted them as they ran through the backyards of a residential community. He identified himself and ordered the suspects to stop running and show their hands. One of the suspects produced a handgun and fired several rounds at Officer Jefferson who was struck in the right thigh.

While still under fire, Officer Jefferson was able to return fire and wound the shooter. Conscious of facing imminent peril, Officer Jefferson stayed in the fight and was able to visually track the second suspect as he fled from the scene. Officer Jefferson maintained security of the wounded suspect while radioing valuable information to other responding officers concerning the second suspect who was still at large.

Officer Jefferson's calm and decisive actions under fire directly led to the arrest of both suspects who were subsequently charged with bank robbery. His actions demonstrated extreme courage and are in keeping with the finest traditions of law enforcement.

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