Sergeant Auston Allen

(Georgia Department of Public Safety, GA)

On June 25, 2016, Sergeant Auston Allen was conducting a road check at Sloan Mill Road in Hall County, along with officers from several different agencies. While the check was ongoing, a vehicle was observed turning around in an attempt to avoid the road check. A trooper then attempted to initiate a traffic stop and engaged in a pursuit when the operator of the vehicle refused to stop. Sergeant Allen responded and assisted the trooper in the pursuit. The vehicle eventually turned onto Industrial Boulevard, at which point Sergeant Allen was able to pass the vehicle and, along with the trooper, attempted a box-in maneuver to stop the vehicle.

The suspect used his vehicle to ram the rear of Sergeant Allen's patrol vehicle. This action, along with Sergeant Allen aggressively using his brakes, stopped the suspect's vehicle. The suspect then attempted to flee the area on foot. Sergeant Allen immediately pursued him on foot, traveling along railroad tracks to a point where they entered into a densely wooded area. The suspect went down an embankment and into a small creek. By this point, Sergeant Allen had closed the distance and was able to make contact with the suspect as they both entered the creek.

Sergeant Allen then gave the suspect verbal commands, to which the suspect failed to comply. He then drew his department-issued Taser and discharged it into the suspect. At the end of the first cycle of the Taser, the suspect again became noncompliant, so Sergeant Allen activated the Taser for a second time. This time the suspect fell against the bank of the creek, and Sergeant Allen obtained control of the suspect's left arm. While Sergeant Allen attempted to holster the Taser and retrieve his handcuffs, the suspect turned and punched Sergeant Allen in the head, causing the sergeant to fall backwards into the creek. The suspect continued his attack, striking Sergeant Allen in the back of his head with his fists. Sergeant Allen was nearly knocked unconscious from the repeated blows. The suspect then pushed Sergeant Allen's head under the water.

Realizing that the suspect had every intention of killing him, Sergeant Allen was able to push up and get his head above the water. He then turned and positioned his knees under his body. Upon doing so, he was able to draw his duty weapon, turn, and fire his weapon into the chest of the suspect. The suspect then let go of his grip on Sergeant Allen, stood up, and fell back into the creek. Sergeant Allen's duty weapon subsequently malfunctioned due to mud covering the weapon. Relying on his training, he quickly cleared the malfunction and again took aim at the suspect. Sergeant Allen attempted to use his radio to call for assistance, but was unable to do so because it had become inoperative due to being under water. He then heard a trooper calling out his name and directed him to his location.

Sergeant Allen was subsequently transported to a medical center for treatment. The offender was fatally wounded during the encounter.

The actions of Sergeant Allen demonstrated extraordinary bravery, decisiveness, and a willingness to protect the lives of others, without regard to his own personal safety.